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Default Vixen R130Sf Newtonian with GSTAR-EX2

Hi all

Just did a little review of the GSTAR-EX2 and how it works well with the Vixen R130Sf f/5 Newtonian. Have owned this scope for quite a while but just takes me a while to get around to reviewing things. I guess the main point I wanted to make aside from the scopes excellent optics was how it can cope with inward focus in nearly all situations.

Tested at prime focus, then with a focal reducer, then prime with a filter wheel, then with focal reducer and filter wheel and then even stacking 2 focal reducers (no filter wheel) and it still comes to focus. Albeit with the double stacked reducer, I have to adjust (turn) the c-mount brass collar of the GSTAR-EX2 inward a few turns to allow focusing to just inside of focus so could wind out comfortably for a confident "in-focus" setting.


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