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07-27-2009 until 08-27-2100
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Members Market Rules

Members’ Market

Welcome to the Members’ Market. The Terms of Service and all other forum rules apply here. In addition, here are the rules specific to the Members’ Market.

· The Members’ Market is strictly for the use of all registered members of AstroHolic.com., with the exception vendors of Astronomy related products, who may not participate.

· Advertising your items for sale, or swap, or advertising for items wanted is free of charge to member's of AstroHolic.com in this section of the site.

· Only advertisements for Astronomy related equipment will be accepted. Astronomy related equipment could include not only the obvious like telescopes, mounts and eyepieces, but also items like cameras, books, magazines or computer equipment that could be used for imaging, or guiding etc. The definition of “Astronomy Related” is strictly at the discretion of the Moderators

· All advertisements in the “For Sale” category must include a price, accepted method(s) of payment and whether freight is inclusive or exclusive. Please remember to specify the currency in the price, eg US Dollars, Euros, Australian Dollars, etc.

· All advertisements must include the advertiser’s location. The location does not have to be as detailed as to include a street address or town: state or district and country are both sufficient and mandatory.

· Price negotiations and closures of deals are not to be conducted on the forum. Such negotiations may be made by private message, E-mail, phone etc. We strongly advise against posting any personal details such as an E-mail address or phone number. These are better exchanged by private message.

· The original poster must advise the forum when an advertisement is no longer required, by adding a post to the thread like “Sold” or “Found” or “Withdrawn From Sale” or similar.

· The Members’ Market is not a place for general discussion. Replies to advertisements may certainly ask questions specific to items offered, but must not form a general discussion of the virtues or vices of the item in a generic manner. Only the original poster may reply to any questions.

· “Thread Bumping”. This is the practise of elevating one’s advertisement in the forum by posting for no other specific reason. Bumping is permitted provided that there is at least twenty-four hours between bumps. Dropping the price of an item is not considered to be bumping. Advertisements that do not comply to this rule will be deleted, no exceptions

· Advertisements that are inactive for the continuous duration of three calendar months will be deleted.

· AstroHolic.com is not liable for the outcome of any sale or purchase or exchange of goods. Nor will any Administrator or Moderator for AstroHolic.com act as an intermediary. Any member who believes that they are the victim of false representation, failure to receive payment, or any other issues that may arise may only take matters up privately. Any posts anywhere on the site AstroHolic.com that attempt to circumvent this rule will be deleted, and the member(s) concerned may have their account(s) terminated.

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