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The Forum Rules and Guidelines in Plain Language


Astroholic.Com is a forum for the discussion of astronomy-related subjects, and also the use of optics, e.g. telescopes and binoculars, in general. Astrology related posts will not be accepted.

We expect members to stay within these boundaries on most of the board. There is an “Off Topic” forum for general non-astronomy related topics.

Overall, we ask members to be polite and friendly, and be respectful not only of each other but also of the administrators and moderators.

Your Account:

Your membership grants you a forum account. Your account is just that, yours. Only you may use your account. Further, it is not permitted for any member to have more than one account. Members determined to be using more than one account, or sharing their account, will be regarded as having made a serious breach of the rules, and may have their membership terminated.

Since each account is for an individual, this does not exclude members of the same household from each having their own personal account. However due to the laws of many nations we insist that all members must be at least Thirteen (13) years of age.

Appropriate Forum Use:

You are asked to consider that this forum may be viewed by anyone of any age, gender or nationality worldwide. As such, certain practices are expected to be adhered to.

No profanity. Sure, some milder words are generally accepted in our language, and we aren’t here to stamp on common usages, but the definition of profanity is solely up to the administrators and moderators. We will not accept the use of cartoon swearing where the use of a combination of letters and or punctuation marks leaves little or no doubt as to the word intended.

No religious topics or posts. No sexist or racist remarks. No Politics. These are topics that invariably end in dispute, and create ill feeling between members.

Thread hijacking is not appropriate. Sometimes a hijack is unintentional, and may well be humorous, but it is disrespectful to the author of, and or previous participants in, a thread.

Posts with the deliberate intention of creating a reaction are not welcome—no “trolling.”

Sensitive topics that may cause offence to others, or create disharmony, will be assessed solely at the discretion of the administrators and moderators.

Please do not post anything that may suggest, support, or promote illegal activities.

Please, if you start a new thread, post it only once under one topic. If you feel that your thread would be beneficial if posted in more than one place, ask permission to do so from an administrator or moderator.

You must not post personal details of a third party without their consent.

Here is some good advice. If you are unsure as to whether or not what you intend to post is appropriate, or are agitated by, or unhappy with another post, get up and walk away from your keyboard for a while. Posts made on the spur of the moment are often regretted later.

Other Astronomy Related Bulletin Boards:

We at Astroholic.com fully accept that many of our members also participate in other Astronomy related Bulletin Boards, Forums and Chat Groups. This is indeed one of the great benefits of the internet today, and we encourage our members to be active in any areas that may benefit their hobby.

However, should any member of Astroholic.com have what they perceive as a bad experience with any other Astronomy related Bulletin Board, then we expect that member to take it up with the staff of the relevant site, and not to use Astroholic.com as a means of public complaint.

In other words: we will not accept posts that refer to any other Astronomy related Bulletin Board in an insulting or derogatory manner.

Safe Astronomy:

Astroholic.Com will not accept posts that relate to any unsafe use or modification of any equipment. Examples would be the modification of a solar telescope, or the use of a banned laser pointer.

Specifically in regard to lasers, discussion is restricted to the use of only green lasers of 5mW or less


If you are the principal, shareholder or employee of a company that sells astronomy-related products you are welcome to participate, but you must not use this forum as a form of free advertising of any products that you handle. Moreover, you must not use this forum as a platform to downgrade or denigrate any of your competitors’ products.

The term Vendor refers to any person who sells a product, or offers a product for sale, or who has their product offered for sale by a third party

The term advertising refers to any form of advertising which includes any links in the text body of a post, and also any links in a users signature, or embedded links in photographs, diagrams etc that lead to any web site that is a point of sale, for those or other products offered by the user

You may, however, use a watermark in any photographs, artwork etc to establish your copyright, but the watermark or the actual photograph, artwork, diagram etc must not direct link to a point of sale or website that offers that photograph, art work etc for sale.

There may be exceptions made to the above for forum sponsors

Copyright and Privacy:

You may not post any material (photos, emails, documents) from any source unless you are the owner of that material, or have the owner’s explicit permission. There are exceptions. For example some websites permit open distribution. In that case we request that you post a link to that permission.

The best way to post material from another website is to provide a link to that website.

Administrators and Moderators:

Administrators and moderators have sole right to exercise their discretion as they see fit.

Posts on the forum that question the judgement of an administrator or moderator in a derogatory manner will be deleted.

You are, however, welcome to query a decision via private message.

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